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November 11, 2010 / Risika.Ohmai

I’ve got a diploma! :D

So, I was on a very interesting lessons about modeling in SL 🙂 It was harder than I imagined! All those rules! It’s not that simple to just walk on a catwalk, turn around and choose good poses. It is hard, but it’s a lot of fun too :)) And today I’ve got a diploma ^.^

It says:

“Risika Ohmai has accomplished first edition of “Rudiments of Modeling” course which had place in *CrEaTiViTy* between October the 11th and November the 8th, 2010.Course included:
– theoretical rudiments of modeling
– avatar styling
– inventory management
– basics of catwalk 

instructor: Identity Euler”

Yay! 😀

Oh, and thanks to those lessons I got started making my own poses 🙂 One of them is above 😉 LOL ^.^

*thx Diav for translating the diploma for me ^.^


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